Unleash Your Freedom

Whatever you want more of in life – happiness, confidence, passion, fulfilment – at Unleash Your Freedom, you will pick up the tools to help you achieve it.

Whatever it is that is blocking you having what you want, this event will help you to release.

The results of our previous events have been incredible: people who had been stuck find clarity ... and experience confidence they never knew was possible!

Are you feeling energetic and in a peak state of health or do you feel lethargic, burned out or heavy?

Are your interactions loving and harmonious or do you struggle with stress from people challenges?

Does your work bring you deep joy and fulfillment, or does it feel more like a job you have to do to earn an income?

Would you like more self-confidence, better connections or to improve your health?

What is it for you?

At Unleash Your Freedom, you take a birds-eye view of your life and discover how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You will learn an easy and transformative ‘rapid results formula’ that you can apply for the rest of your life to achieve any goal that you want.

The day is designed for women who, due to the busyness and burdens of life and expectations, want to come back to who they really are.

At Unleash Your Freedom, you will:

  • Create and clarify your goals in alignment with your highest values
  • Understand and release limiting beliefs that have held you back
  • Create a plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes

Unlike many other personal development events, Unleash Your Freedom is only for women, with expert female speakers and coaches. This provides an especially unique, safe and nurturing environment that will help you heal, release and get back to your happy place again.


“What I loved most about the day, was when you realise that you’re not the only one who struggles. When you see other people letting go, you think – why do I need permission from someone else to change? I can give MYSELF
permission” – Em Garrett



Unleash Your Freedom is one of the most transformational women's seminars in Sydney.

You will get:

* Expert speakers on health, mindset, emotions, creativity and confidence - bringing cutting-edge, valuable content, including takeaways you can apply straight away

* Experiential, fun activities and guided visualisation

* Lush goodies and gifts

* Catered healthy, gourmet lunch & snacks (with GF/DF/V options) plus hot & cold drinks throughout the day

* Gorgeous, sponsored prizes to be won

* A workbook that follows the outline of the day

* Meaningful connection with like-minded women


"If you want new perspectives and reasons to step out of fear and into the life you want, this is it! I loved everything about the seminar - especially the speakers, the food and connecting with awesome women! It was amazing! " - Corinne Blight

Join our upcoming event on Sat 18th November
@ SunStudios, 42 Maddox St, Alexandria

 Only $127 (save $30 on door price)



Learn optimal ways to nourish your body - with Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Lucy Beynon: the founder of ‘The Real Nutritionist’. 


Unlock powerful keys in your mind to help you achieve the results that you deserve - with Kat Millar: transformation coach and the founder of Unleash Your Freedom


Discover how to bring more of your unique best to the world and unleash greater levels of your confidence and creativity, with Vicki Millar: creativity expert and life coach


Find out new ways to build a better relationship with yourself and build more ability to connect, listen and learn from those messages our heart sends - with Ray Mardia: expert coach for high-achievers 


Pick up tools to help you step more fully into your power and live a truly fulfilling life - on your own terms and be more of the powerhouse woman that you are - with our new Freedom Friends hot-set panel



"I loved the topics, the speakers, the venue, the food, the great energy and Kat as a speaker, speaking with heart and vulnerability." - Sarah Roebuck


• Receive powerful techniques to create more passion and meaningful purpose in your life

• Gain clarity, confidence & control in your life

• Meet wonderful, like-minded new friends, in a real and supportive community

• Learn a 'rapid results' blueprint you can apply straight away and use for the rest of your life

• Learn how to be more authentic and true to your personal values and beliefs


“It was an amazing day, I am so happy to be part of it, I got out more than what I expected." – Ying Chang

Only $127 (save $30 on door price)



"I liked the holistic approach. It was very inspirational, uplifting and motivating"
- Cathy Vasiliadis


Kat Millar

Kat is the Founder of Unleash your Freedom and Get Results Training. She is a transformation Coach, Speaker and qualified NLP Practitioner, passionate about personal
development and helping people find more freedom and happiness.

Over the last 14 years, Kat has personally helped thousands of people achieve life-changing results in their life through her training and coaching.

Kat is a regular contributor to the Great Health Guide magazine, was a recent speaker at Filex Fitness Convention and regularly speaks and coaches on transforming your life through the power of your mind and how to use it to create your best life.

Her passion is helping people achieve life-changing results and experience lasting fulfillment.

Lucy Beynon

Lucy is the founder of 'The Real Nutritionist'.

Lucy is a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (Naturopathic Nutritionist), registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

She has a special interest in all things gut health, women’s hormonal health, digestive issues, stress-related issues & energy through nutrition.

Lucy helps women achieve better health and wellbeing through real food and optimal nutrition, without the fads.

Lucy will guide you through the steps you need to achieve optimal health – from balancing hormones and mood management, to reducing PMS and increasing vitality.

Ray Mardia

Ray helps high achievers reconnect with their heart, so that they can create truly fulfilling lives.

Through deep inner transformational work (& Pixar metaphors), Ray helps you to create amazing relationships, work and a beautiful life.

Ray's work is inspired by the messages that she personally lives by, blending emotional intelligence theory, NLP, intuitive healing, literature and her experiences as a practicing lawyer.

In 2017, Ray stood beside the world's top life and business coach, Tony Robbins himself to support his special guests as they walked across fire at the 'Unleash the Power Within' event in Sydney.

Ray’s ultimate mission is to help people to love themselves deeply and enjoy the richness of life.

Vicki Millar

Vicki Millar is a musical theatre writer & director, who has been presenting messages of inspiration, beauty and hope through creative storytelling for over 20 years.

She has a Masters Degree in Musical Theatre from the University of London and her shows have been performed in Australia, NZ and the UK.

She has featured on TVNZ’s “Good Morning” show and her work was shortlisted for the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Vicki is also a certified Life Coach and Mentor. She will be sharing how to uncover blocks to your purpose, bring clarity and focus to your dreams, and develop your unique creative expression.


Plus: Freedom Friends

We have a brand new section with special 'hot seat' panel of guests, sharing their nuggets wisdom and expertise on how they personally unleash their power!

"It was so intimate. I really enjoyed the quality of speakers. It’s a great day to celebrate women and their achievements. It helped me take time out for myself and learn" - Fatema Khanbhai


"There was such a welcoming atmosphere, I felt very looked after. Very authentic speakers!" - Penny Dalton


Unleash Your Freedom invites you to spend a day with us, coming home to yourself.

We passionately support women to step up into more of the fullness of who they are and would love for you to join us.

We believe that when you wake up more fully to how powerful you truly are, the world will never be the same.

Don’t wait for your life to pass you by; now is the time to make a change.

Saturday, 18th November 2017

SunStudios, 42 Maddox St, Alexandria

 Only $127 (save $30 on door price)



We can't wait to see you!


Kat Millar and the Unleash your Freedom team xx